When it comes to the premium brand of washing machine IFB is a renowned name. It is the band which is leading the front-loading washing machine domain , it has more than 40 % customers in the total market. The brand IFB was established in the year 1974, the engineering tool of IFB washing machine has highly attracted the customer market. The entire build quality of IFB washing machine is excellent and the partnership with Bosch and Siemens has made the washers excellent to remove all type of stains.

Top Features of IFB Washing Machine Technologies

Smart Management of Laundry

The smart loader feature of IFB washing machine offers the best washing experience, a highly loved product by all the Indian consumed. The smart sense feature is excellent when compared to other premium brands. If you have heavily soiled washing machines and want to remove the stains, IFB does an excellent job.

The smart loaders come with excellent smart technologies which maintains the fabric and also saves electricity. The smart loader IFB washing machine comes with 4 years of warranty and the spare parts of IFB washing machine comes with 10 years of support.

360-degree wash

The 360-degree wash is super difficult to achieve, it is an uncommon feature which is found in the IFB washing machines. The washer follows 360degree manner of cleaning inside the drum leaving all the garments to stain free. The IFB follows a brilliant technique where the water is sprayed directly through the nozzle to the load during the washing procedure. The drum circulates into 360-degree motion during the washing phase. The ensures that all clothes are soaked and washed evenly.

Oxygen Wash

The IFB washing machine has come up with innovative oxygen wash which generates millions of tiny air bubbles which penetrates into the fabric and flushes out the annoying dirt and offers clean clothes on every single wash. The oxygen wash follows 3 D wash system during the rinse cycle. This way the excess detergent is flushed out from the clothes so the loaded clothes come out cleans every time.

Cradle Wash

Apart from the revolutionary 360-degree wash and oxygen wash, IFB washing machine comes with a cradle wash feature which helps to clean the delicate clothes.

The cradle wash technology ensures that the washing of delicate fabric like the stain, lace etc and is done well. The cradle wash  is also not too hard on the garment and ensures the cloth comes out super clean.

Steam Wash

The premium IFB washing machine comes with steam wash technology, a tiny amount of water is enough to generate steam which can be expanded. The steam helps to wash the soft, gentle and delicate laundry.

Aqua Energie, a Solution for Hard Water

The hard water problem is common in India, it has worst effect on the washing and can affect the life of drums as well.  Moreover, detergent takes forever to dissolve in the hard water.

Finally, the white layer gets accumulated on the drum which can be hazardous for the washing machine as it chokes the pipe. The Aqua Energie technology is the solution from IFB. This technology converts hard water into a soft writer and makes the washing effective.

Tiradic Pulsator

The IFB market is a leader when it comes to the high-quality front-loading washing machine. It caters all the need of customers and has highly impressed the audience with great engineering. The Tiradic Pulsator is another premium washing machine from IFB which remove stubborn stains. The powerful 3D jet helps to flush out the dirt from all the nooks and corner of the clothes during washing.


The IFB offers excellent washing experience and is best as compared with premium brands like LG and Whirlpool but the build quality is not the best. The washer of IFB is reliable and powerful and offers innovative features but the price is competitive high. The similar feature is offered by Samsung and LG at a better price.


The IFB washing machine offers quick washing with great functionality to ensure complete cleaning. The loads are adjustable and hard water to soft water converter is an excellent feature for those who get access to soft water. IFB washing has got great audience primarily due to the word of mouth publicity.

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